Who can use the Take a Break Service? 

Carers and families who need to recharge their batteries can use the Take a Break service to provide care for their loved one.  

From only £4.60 per week Care Link will create a tailored support plan and visits to meet an individual’s needs. Giving you peace of mind your loved one will be taken care of.  

What does the Take a Break package include? 

As standard the package includes:   

  • Tunstall telecare unit installed by Care Link 

  • 24-hour monitoring  

  • Discreet personal alarm worn either as a watch or pendant  

  • Key contact notification 

You also have the option to upgrade to:  

  • Emergency response  

  • Home visiting  

  • Daily welfare call 

How can Care Link help?  

We work with thousands of individuals and families across the Wakefield district helping them to maintain independence in their own home for longer.  

With the Take a Break Service, you can relax and re-charge your batteries knowing your loved one is in safe hands.  

Care Link provides a range of telecare packages including fall detection devices, medication dispensers and emergency response. 

To enquire about Take a Break or any other service please complete our contact form or call us on 01977 788 000.