What does the Standard Package include? 

  • Tunstall telecare unit installed by Care Link
  •  24-hour monitoring
  • Discreet personal alarm worn either as a watch or pendant
  • Key contact notification

How does Telecare work?

The telecare unit connects to Care Link through the phone line in the house. Customers are given a discreet personal alarm which when pressed triggers an alert to Care Link’s customer contact centre. The operator will attempt to find out what has happened by communicating with the customer through a loudspeaker that is integrated into the telecare unit.

If help is required, the Care Link operator will attempt to get hold a nominated contact for the customer. If they can’t get through and the situation is urgent, the operator will ring the emergency services.

Who can use the Standard package?

Care Link’s standard package is suitable for individuals who are unsteady on their feet or would like peace of mind whilst living alone. It provides reassurance for customers and their families or carers, every day, at the touch of a button.

The service starts from only £6.25 per week and can provide stability, assurance, and security to those living alone.

To enquire about the standard package or any other package please complete our contact form or call us on 01977 788 000.

How can Care Link help?

Care Link provide a wide range of products and services to over 15,000 customers living across the Wakefield district, helping them to stay independent in their own homes for longer and providing peace of mind for their loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, starting from only £6.25 per week.

With our range of discreet sensors, alarms and 24-hour responder service, we are equipped to support a vast number of individual needs and conditions.